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NovaSys is a full-service managed-care company and health plan administrator based in Little Rock.

A good healthcare partner should provide an employer with all the tools and expertise to realize the advantages of offering a self-funded program - and that's exactly what NovaSys does.

Comprehensive network providers - With thousands of physicians and a large group of outstanding hospitals in the NovaSys network, a quality healthcare provider is always available to meet the needs of your members.

Cost-effective network of providers - Many of our providers have agreed to fixed-rate contracts and very attractive discounts. This feature provides some of the lowest-cost unit pricing available in Arkansas, which equates to lower claim costs.

Integrated network and administrative services- NovaSys offers the advantage of owning both the provider network and the administrative services. This integration allows NovaSys to better address member and provider issues, reduces errors from claims administrators applying provider contracts they didn't negotiate, and removes the potential for wholesale physician/member disruption.

Local relationship - NovaSys has a professional staff located in Little Rock. While many managed-care companies rely on non-Arkansas-based services, NovaSys offers Arkansas resources to address Arkansas issues. Our local presence offers faster resolution with a more personable and accountable level of service.

Lower administration costs - The medical costs of your healthcare program are high enough without adding expensive administrative services. By purchasing services using the clout of our investors and focusing on our expense structure, NovaSys is able to offer a lower-cost product to our clients. Also, NovaSys only administers self-funded programs, so there is no need to cover insurance losses through administrative fees.

Quality administrative services - Having more control over the administration of your healthcare program necessitates having quick and accurate administrative services. The quality of our administrative service is constantly monitored, and we guarantee your goals will be met, or we will forfeit a portion of our fees.

Reinsurance that meets your needs - Any company can provide you with reinsurance, but NovaSys has relationships with top-rated insurance carriers that have recognized the impact of our provider network. This translates to competitive reinsurance rates from some of the top reinsurance carriers.

Reports - an understanding of the utilization and cost issues affecting your plan is a critical part of managing the healthcare program. NovaSys performance reports allow you to educate members, change plan designs, partner with healthcare providers, fine-tune reinsurance products and implement medical-management programs by better understanding your utilization and cost trends.

Best-of-class information system - NovaSys uses the AMISYS claims platform, a system used by many of the leading health insurers in the country. AMISYS is a robust and stable platform, allowing us to accept claims electronically and pay clean claims immediately, freeing up more time for complex claims or those needing special attention.

Strong performance record - NovaSys has long provided administrative services to more than 135,000 members and is the network choice for more than 60,000 Arkansans. That translates to NovaSys paying over 1,300,000 healthcare claims each year.

Once you've seen what NovaSys has to offer, we believe you'll come to recognize the many advantages that will result from working with NovaSys. We provide clients with faster, more accurate claims payments, stronger reinsurance contracts and improved member satisfaction.



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