Big News! Beginning on October 1st, St. Josephs Mercy Regional Medical Center in Hot Springs and most or all of their medical staffs plan to become participating providers for your Health Plan! A complete list will be available on this website through our provider search tool on October 1st. If you have any questions, feel free to call our customer service line at 1-888-870-8103.

Greetings. Soon it will be time to make some very important decisions about your family's healthcare coverage. To help you make the right choice, please consider NovaSys Health.
  • Only health plan offering Healthcare Savings Account. For more information about this plan view the video to the right. To find out if you are a good candidate for this program please use our coverage cost calculator.

  • Local Arkansas Company

  • Fewer dollars to administration - more to healthcare delivery

  • More than 4,000 physicians and 67 hospitals in our Arkansas network

  • Regional Network of more than 12,000 physicians and 160 hospitals. Search for a provider now!.

  • No phone trees - reach a live person at our end to help you with your concerns without long waits

  • National Network with more than 600,000 provider locations

    NovaSys Health is pleased to announce our partnership with MultiPlan, Inc. to offer you access to the PHCS Network - MultiPlan's national primary PPO network effective January 1, 2008.

    Click here to locate a participating provider outside of the NovaSys Health service area. You can also contact NovaSys Health Customer Service at 888-870-8103.

Are You Considering Your Current Coverage? If so, Think Again!
We're asking you to reconsider or at least look closely because NovaSys Health offers significant advantages to you.

First and foremost, NovaSys Health was selected by State of Arkansas Employee Benefits Planners following an extensive review process. This process included an assessment of our ability to administer claims effectively, as well as the strength of our provider (physicians, hospitals, etc.,) network.

Another key reason that NovaSys Health was selected as an option for you has to do with Healthcare Savings Accounts. Through an HSA, you can use pretax dollars from your paycheck to pay for medical expenses your family would otherwise pay for with post tax dollars. You save the difference in taxes you would have paid and the money is yours to use in future years. You never lose it. It's yours to use for medical expenses tax free -- even if you change employment or retire. Think of it as an IRA for healthcare.

Only NovaSys Health (in conjunction with DataPath, our delivery partner) offers a Healthcare Savings Account. So, if you are considering just "reinstating" your current healthcare insurance carrier, you might want to think again - because you can't take advantage of the savings of a healthcare savings account through any other insurance carrier.

Visit Arkansas for more information about Health Savings Accounts
For full information on healthcare savings accounts, click here.

Do You Have More Questions About NovaSys Health?
NovaSys Health plans to play a major role in the healthcare of State of Arkansas employees and Public School System Employees for years to come. Rest assured that our various partnership arrangements - with some of the most notable physicians and healthcare providers available anywhere - will provide the highest quality care to you and your family. If you have any questions about NovaSys Health, a provider, claim, or other concern related to healthcare delivery, do not hesitate at any time to contact NovaSys Health.





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